Sean Borja

Pixel Pusher, Father, Maker of Really Good Soups

Sean Borja | Pixel Pusher, Father, Maker of Really Good Soups

Local Zero, Graphic Designer

Name: Sean Borja

Rank: Art Director

Present: MLT Creative

Past: The Home Depot, Eyedrum, Advertising Technologies, Inc., others

Educators: Atlanta College of Art, Dalton State College

Portfolio: Look Here

Résumé: See below, or download a PDF


The Secret Sauce…

Twenty years invested in design for print, web, interactive media, photo direction, prepress, and illustration working in both agency and corporate marketing and advertising spaces. I am constantly learning—recycling ideas and solutions and experimenting with the new. I awake each day with an invaluable set of skills to bring to my desktop. It also gives me the ability to have a sense of humor and calm whenever the critical, five-alarm disasters arise.

I’ve Been Around the Block a Few Times…


My career as a designer began very ho hum, working at a small design agency in Dalton, GA with Bill Grant and Russ Ramage at Design! Happily doing grunt tasks like placing stickers on tradeshow bags, paste ups and basic illustrations, picking up the daily lunch order, sharpening pencils.1993-4: Sean Borja works at Design! in Dalton, GA
1995-6: Sean Borja works at Signs, Graphics, Printing in Dalton, GA


Clearly computers were the future of design, so I literally left the drawing table for an opportunity to learn digital print design. Signs, Graphics, Printing is where I cut my teeth in digital graphics and graphic design, taking away hands-on expertise with printing industry methodology and best practices. Fall of 1996, I was packing my bags for Atlanta, GA with only a dream in my pocket.

1993-4: Sean Borja works at CherryLion Studios in Atlanta, GA


My friend Bill Spence got me a job at a commercial sculture studio, CherryLion Studios in Atlanta, GA, where he worked with sculptor Martin Dawe. We made some incredible work together, including the World Athletes Monument, The Coolidge Park Carousel Fountain, Composer Portrait Medallions for McCorkel Music Building, and others. CherryLion Studios provided me a full- and part-time opportunity to work as a professional sculptor over the next five years.
1997-2001: Sean Borja works at Advertsing Technologies, Inc. in Atlanta, GA


When Annette Ortiz met me at the front desk for my Interview at ATI wearing flip flops and a beer for her and myself, I realized I had found my dream job.

My first two months were spent making clipping paths on photographs of wireframe shelves. This is exhaustingly boring work, but it was my initiation proving my worthiness, constitution and passion for any task. Over the next four years I advanced in digital retouch, art direction, design with clients including, Coca-Cola, Delta, BellSouth and Cox Interactive.


When several of my friends, many of whom I grew up with from Dalton, GA started Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery, I was soon brought onto the Board of Directors to design posters, handbills and serve beers. 1998-2009: Sean Borja serves on the Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery Board of Directors in Atlanta, GA Our brand identity was largely absurdist. For nearly ten years, I was the primary designer of all collateral, promotional and printed media, creating some of the craziest designs you would find posted around. My work was inspired by Raymond Pettibon, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Church of the SubGenius, Terry Richardson, Jean-Louis Costes, and others. See some of those works in my portfolio.
2002-8: Sean Borja works at The Home Depot SSC Advertising Department in Atlanta, GA


I crawled out from the ruins of the Dot-Bomb Era that shuttered my former agency ATI, and landed me within a cubicle of The Home Depot SSC. I scored this job by referral from my friend Tim Theall. The Home Depot oddly was a good fit for a guy who made weird art posters and high-end retouched photos of Coca-Cola products. Something clicked.

I still admire the company greatly. It gave me a some great chops to use in my current work and has global brand recognition. I was a Lead Creative Designer, primarily designing print media, purchasing and art direction of photography, and strategic coordination with regional merchant teams. See some of those works in my portfolio.

2008-Present: Sean Borja works at MLT Creative in Atlanta, GA


Emily and I moved to Clarkston, GA, just outside of Decatur, GA, in 2007. We were expecting our first child and had just bought our first house. Everything was perfect… Except for the soul-crushing commute everyday to The Home Depot SSC. I would leave each morning at 4 AM to beat northbound Atlanta traffic to Vinings, where the corporate office is located. And to avoid the rush hour I was leaving each evening at 7PM. I loved the work I was doing there, but the commute was killing me.

Photo Credit: Glenn Taylor
One day I noticed this nicely kempt stretch of identically painted, and landscaped houses near my house. I assumed initially it was an architectural firm by appearance alone. I discovered later it was a marketing agency right under my nose, and within one mile of my house! I contacted Billy Mitchell and asked to see what type of work they do at MLT Creative. This conversation led to a job offer the same day. So, I left a Fortune 15 company to work one mile from home and to be able to see my family. One of the best decisions I ever made.

My experience with art direction, retouch, multiple design disciplines, press/printing, and fine arts culminated into making me a valuable asset to this agency, and this a perfect job and environment for myself. If I could bundle what I have learned in the past four years at MLT and set on a scale with all that I have learned in the past nineteen years of my career, it would tip heavily toward the present influences working with Billy Mitchell and Glenn Taylor. See some of those works in my portfolio.

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